Every Life, every Moment is like a wave rolling through the Ocean of eternity

Conscious Coaching

Accompanying Humans to rewrite Narratives for a New Era

Only together, we will remember who we really are

Conscious Coaching

"Meet yourself before you want to change the world"

I invite you to meet your limiting narrative, your own perception and the incredible human being, that lives inside you - waiting to be unleashed. I’m your challenging mirror, your safe space, your conscious coach. I won’t tell you, who you are. I won’t tell you, what to do. But I promise you to ask questions, which will enable you to find answers within.

I will help to sort your thoughts, doubts, and emotions. Allowing everything to be present, to feel it, live it, observe it, and let it go. Not by pushing, but through integration and transformation. Rewriting old beliefs, patterns, making sense of the perceived nonsense. I am your company in the unknown, exploring with you realms above and beyond. I am the other human, standing next to you, reliable and open, to receive all and give it back - for you to discover, what’s truly inside.

And as holistic beings, we are invited to not only focus on the mind. That’s why I - as a transpersonal psychology coach - collaborate with incredible humans, offering much more to complement Body, Mind and Soul.

One single tree is embedded in an eternal network of life, connection, communication and harmony

Weaving the Web

We’re not here to accomplish everything by ourselves. We are here to discover, that we all carry gifts for each other - in a network, all gifts unfold their incredible power!

My coaching is embedded in a network of beautiful humans offering a wide range of additional support for any kind of circumstances and requirements, e.g. transformational bodywork, somatic practices, conscious dance, sexological bodywork, de-armouring, yoga, meditation, energy work, holistic & plant medicine, nutrition and naturopathy.

It is not mandatory to add other offers if you want to work with me. It is an opportunity in case you feel like it. For more information please get in touch.

Picture is showing a Portrait of Jessica in Skagaströnd, Iceland


„Who am I, when I left myself behind? When I lost the old, perceived as such, in a desperate attempt to hold on. To preserve, what was already about to go. What was not fitting anymore, felt alienated but still familiar. Comfort in the uncomfortable. The costume that covers the outside, faded away over time.“ Biography, Jessica Brockmann, NES Artist Residency, 2021

Who am I? One of the most fascinating and challenging questions on my constantly evolving path of deconstruction, transformation, and expansion. I’m not claiming a definite answer, but as a wonderful poet put it, I’ll leave the question and slowly begin to live the answer. Within the last few years, I had the privilege and challenge of learning to embrace the unknown, to fall in love with polarity, and thereby unmask duality, to experience altered states of consciousness, work with master plants like Ayahuasca, Huachuma and Mushrooms, curanderos and curanderas, being left behind with a disintegrating mind trying desperately to hold on to, what was about to go. I lived through many challenging periods wishing for someone to guide me through. With this intention, I’m trained as a Transpersonal Psychology Coach to augment my own experience of spiritual emergence, transpersonal questions, challenges, dissolving identity, surrender, and constant change with a coaching framework - becoming the guide I wished for.

I wholeheartedly immerse myself in studying the art of science and the science of art, including but not limiting my study to empirical academic research. The fields of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, math, astrology, and many more spark my curiosity and provide a beautiful foundation for continuous investigation. Simultaneously acknowledging that academia is rooted in the limiting perspective of matter and form. For me, the mystery of life goes far beyond the empirical, and measurable, yet it complements a holistic perspective that allows every point of view to be seen, heard, and integrated into the immense body of experience and wisdom we collectively create.

Furthermore, I consider the word as one of the main keys to change, growth, collaboration, relationships, and any kind of pursuit.

„Language is the foundation of our day-to-day life, so how to use language, how to use the word to transform it again into something honest, authentic, and powerful. Everything we do, everything we are in this world starts with the word, the inner one, creating our realities.“ 60 Worte, Jessica Brockmann, 2021

My entrepreneurial background as a startup founder in tourism and energy supply as well as a solopreneur creating and establishing digital architecture including organizational and structural changes within emerging, fast-growing companies for more than 10 years provides me with a holistic perspective of today’s slowly disintegrating narratives.

I’m - amongst others - an author, dancer, somatic movement educator in training, facilitator, transpersonal coach, researcher, outdoor explorer, apprentice as keeper of the four elements, and simply human. Walking side by side with you, discovering the magic we carry for each other.